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Pierre Sottas, +41 (0) 76 696 70 35


Pierre Sottas, +41 (0)76 696 70 35,



Bass and Voice encounter, spiced up with some loopers flavour, Espresso From Hell plays jazz and pop songs in it's own original way.

Everything started some years ago when Brigitte and Pierre, long time friends, decided to play in duo "just for fun". It went so well that despite the lack of free time it leaded to an album in 2015.

What else ?

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Fantastic playlist guys...such a fresh and vibrant re-imagining of such classic tunes..particularly loving how stripped-back and graceful you perform the Lana del Ray track....just a gorgeous version!

"Eleanor Rigby" - great work! Best wishes, Egon Erger

One word: Yeaaaaah! Best wishes from Cologne – Versu

"Eleanor Rigby" totally creative version is awesome. Chuck Brunicardi

Eleanor Rigby is amazing! Incredibly rich musically!

On Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes, I liked the subtlety of the background instrumental performance. It's really complex and interesting and I like how well it complements the vocals. I like the vocals and how clear they are with respect to enunciation and articulation of the lyrics. I like that the lyrics tell a story. I like the tempo. I like the variety of instruments used for the background instrumental performance.


Brigitte Savoy : voice and loopers

Brigitte Savoy, click for full sizeShe started her musical career as singer in small pop-rock bands. Quickly she bacame interested in jazz and attended the general classes of the Conservatoire de Montreux and then the qulifying classes of the Swiss Jazz School. It logically leaded to a Master Of Arts at the Haute Ecole de Musique (HEMu) de Lausanne. She is now teaching while leading her own projets (Hello Bridget, Bee's Grit, EFH). She is also often hired as backing vocalist (Dolly Chance, Gallavin, etc.).

Pierre Sottas : bass and loopers

Pierre Sottas, click for full sizeBass player, teacher, arranger, producer, he plays all around Switzerland and Europe in a lot of different styles. Main projects : i.Trio, Espresso From Hell, Montreux Jazz On The Road Band, Gallavin (arranger, producer, bass),Time Grid, Papapitufo, Loraine Cotting, ... He has played with Billy Cobham, Adam Nussbaum, Jacob Collier, Jerry Léonide, Claude Diallo, Sabine Kühlich, Gaël Rakotondrabé, Fred Bintner, Federico Casagrande, ...



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We played in quite a few places including:

  • BCV Concert Hall, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • OYO - Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Pois Chiche - Lausanne, Switzerland
  • XXe - Fribourg, Switzerland
  • Die Letzten Tage Mikrojazz Festival - Bern
  • etc.

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